The source-code is hosted by Bitbucket at If you want to become a contributor, please drop us a message.

Beam is open-source and available free-of-charge!

All bug-tracking and feature request is handled via the issue-tracker on  google-code. There is no need to send us a personal message about new features, unless you want to bribe us in some way 😉

2016-08-23: Latest available binary version is 0.40 for Windows and Linux, 0.41 for MacOS.


Important: If you are upgrading from an older version your settings file will not be compatible. Make a backup of it (BeamSettings.json)

All releases and release notes can be found here.

Installation instructions


For windows 7 and 8, Beam will be available as a single installation package for both 32 and 64bit version of Windows. Download and run the installation package, follow the instructions on the screen.


All versions of Mac OSX use the same package. Download the dmg-file. Mount and drag Beam to Applications.


Most linux flavours (if not all) have python pre-installed, check your version is at least 2.7.X.

$:~/ python --help

Install wxpython, for ubuntu you can install this from the repository.

$:~/ sudo apt-get install python-wxgtk2.8

Download the source package and extract it in a folder of your choice. Run from the commandline.

Beam me up scotty!