Q: After updating Beam I get an error at start up.
A: The settings-file needs updating. Remove the BeamConfig.json file from your home-folder.

Q: What tags are available from the different players?
A: The complete tag list is available here. However, some players cannot provide all information. See the features for specific tags for each media player.


Q: Beam is not showing anything when I run my media player as Administrator.
A: It is recommended to run both the media player and Beam in as your user.


Q: When I run Beam in FullScreen-mode on a projector the top panel is seen over Beam. Can this be hidden?
A: Yes! Alt+Right-click on Beam, choose ‘Always on top’ before going into FullScreen-mode


Q: I get an error ‘A Python runtime not could be located.’
A: You are probably running Mac OSX 10.7 or lower. Install python 2.7.9 from https://www.python.org/downloads/

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