Beam is designed to work with any type of screen that can be attached as an extension of your desktop. However, there are some equipment to help rid you of cables and is more suitable for travelling DJs. Here is a few tips.

Projectors (Beamers)

res_cacc8f0449e8907798ffb6d53c0e5409In general we recommend strong projectors of around 500 lumen or more. This is a measurement on how bright picture will be. For small LED-projects the brightness is typically lower.

Asus S1

The Asus S1 is a small pico-projector with high brightness for a led-projector (200 lumen). It is very compact and runs for 3h on the built in battery. The only input is HDMI. This is especially suitable for travelling as it is very small. Asus S1 also have an USB-port on the back to power dongles.

Tablet solutions

DSCF3301If you have an Ipad and use Windows or Mac then you can use Duet to display Beam from the DJ-booth. Duet display use the USB-cable for your tablet to connect to your computer so no WiFi needed for this setup. Perfect for the DJ on the go!

Wireless solutions

airtamehdA wireless solution enables you to place the projector anywhere in the room without any cables. Very useful if the DJ-table is not placed close to a white wall.

Airtame (not yet supported)

Airtame is a dongle that you connect to the HDMI of the projector. The dongle is powered by USB and works for all operating systems to extend the desktop. Currently there is not extended desktop function for the Airtame which makes it unsuitable for Beam. Airtame have however promised this in a near future.

Chromecast (not confirmed)

2100Chromecast from google acts as an extended display on your wireless network to stream multimedia content. It is not completely straight forward how to make the Chromecast into an extended display for your desktop but there are some guides to set this up but as it require both some computer skills and a WiFi to work we do not recommend this to travelling DJs.

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