List of tags in Beam

Beam can be configured to show most information about your songs. The tags are parsed in Beam and replaced with the information from the media player.

 CurrentSong  PreviousSong  NextSong  NextTanda
%Artist  %PreviousArtist  %NextArtist  %NextTandaArtist
%AlbumArtist  %PreviousAlbumArtist  %NextAlbumArtist  %NextTandaAlbumArtist
%Album  %PreviousAlbum  %NextAlbum  %NextTandaAlbum
%Title  %PreviousTitle  %NextTitle  %NextTandaTitle
%Genre  %PreviousGenre  %NextGenre  %NextTandaGenre
%Comment  %PreviousComment  %NextComment  %NextTandaComment
%Composer  %PreviousComposer  %NextComposer  %NextTandaComposer
%Performer  %PreviousPerformer  %NextPerformer  %NextTandaPerformer
%Year  %PreviousYear  %NextYear  %NextTandaYear
 %PreviousSinger  %NextSinger  %NextTandaSinger
 %PreviousIsCortina  %NextIsCortina  

You also have the possibility to include time and date. These are controlled with the following tags:

Date and Time
%Hour %Min
%DateDay %DateMonth %DateYear
%LongDate (example: 14th of December)

It is possible to show song count and the dynamic tanda length (number of songs between two cortinas)

Song count

Some media players cannot provide all information, a list of which information can be accessed for each media player is available on the feature-page.

%Singer is created using the Parse-rule.
%IsCortina is created using the Cortina-rule.

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